Hi! I’m Dale

Let me tell you who I’m not… former ice hockey defenceman Dale Rolfe. Also known as my Google doppelganger. As an Australian who’s barely set foot on ice, my hockey experience peaks at cheering for Charlie Conway in the Mighty Ducks.

But I do love words the way hockey players love ice…sticks…fighting (this metaphor has run away from me).

Which is why,

armed with nothing but a tonne of uni debt and the kind of wide-eyed naïveté you really only have as a new graduate, I started chasing a career in writing.

My plan was no bigger than that sentence. I moved to Sydney to work in magazines. What I did instead was waitress in an Italian restaurant with no customers and restack the books at Borders (RIP).

But amazingly, unbelievably,

over time I did just that, interning in fashion cupboards, working on photoshoots and reviewing films. I had bad dates, bad roommates and bad salaries but bylines and free movie tickets and leftover beauty products. Bliss.

That same optimism took me to London where I showed up without a job or an apartment and stayed for 4 years. I managed the global editorial strategy for youth travel brand Hostelworld and directed all the content for accounting qualification AAT while discovering an obsession for street art, getting a seat on the tube and Christmas lights. 

Travel is good for me.

In 2018 I decided to do more stuff that was good for me.

Like try kale (underwhelming).

Clean my keyboard (highly recommend).

Give this whole nomadic freelancer thing a go (getting lost in Keanu Reeves memes, trying to enter coffee shop wifi codes correctly).

I’m really good at

Making complex things easy to understand and boring things fun.

I’m really bad at

Peeling boiled eggs, sorting cables, marketing jargon.

Chat to me about

Youtube beauty guru drama, coffee and why Robert Pattinson is the perfect choice for the next Batman.

Dale Rolfe