About Me

Who I’m not…

Former ice hockey defenceman Dale Rolfe. Also known as my Wikipedia doppelganger. As an Australian who has barely set foot on ice, my hockey experience peaks at cheering for Charlie Conway in the Mighty Ducks in 1992 (btw how great was 1992 for movies? Aladdin, The Bodyguard, Sister Act. Take me back!).

However I do love words the way Aladdin loves rugs.

I don’t do dull.

My writing is light, playful and authentic.

I don’t do generic, cheesy, jargony or beat you over the head salesy.

I create stories that connect real people with things that inspire, motivate and empower them. . . like you.

I don’t do short-cuts.

I create bespoke content that reveals who you are and what you have to offer the world.

I do this by spending time getting to know you, your brand and your audience.

And I do this with lots and lots of research. (And you know I’m great at it because look at all those 1992 facts I brought up before).

Dale Rolfe

The Formalities

(aka what qualifies me to do this?)

I have more than 13 years experience working in print and digital media. I’ve produced every type of content out there from magazines to websites, blog posts to podcasts, video to email campaigns.

Some of my career highlights include:

  • stocking beauty cupboards and opening envelopes at Marie Claire
  • wrangling reality stars on photo shoots at Famous magazine
  • telling the stories of parents and children for KidsXpress and The Miracle Babies Association
  • reviewing every B-list movie of the late 2000s movie for Ninemsn
  • leading a team of editors to produce content in six languages for Hostelworld

My degrees in journalism and creative writing honed my nose for storytelling and unique angles.

My degree in advertising and marketing is where I learned how to, you know, sell stuff.