Hi! I’m Dale

I’m a curious, creative, problem-solver who loves working with others to make beautiful content.

I have

more than 14 years’ experience working in print and digital media in Sydney and London. I’ve produced every type of content out there, from magazines to websites, video to podcasts, brand campaigns to influencer marketing.

I share

a birthday with Paris Hilton and a name with a former ice hockey defenceman (make of that what you will).

I love

words the way hockey players love ice… sticks… fighting (*this metaphor has run away from me*).

I’m terrible at

marketing jargon. I’ll never “activate your campaign” (or your almonds) and my favourite platform is a diving board.

I’ve lived in

Sweden, London and half the cities in Australia. I’m based in Canberra, working with clients around the world.

In a past life

I was a photo editor at a celebrity magazine when Lindsay Lohan made covers and Kim Kardashian was an up-and-comer.

I’m really good at

making boring things fun and complicated things simple.

Chat to me about

coffee, why Robert Pattinson is the perfect Batman and Youtube beauty guru drama.


Dale Rolfe