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Role: Content manager

I managed the editorial strategy, design and production of AAT’s magazine Accounting Technician for 3 years, producing 18 issues.

To reflect the changing needs of its 130,000 global readers, I reshaped the editorial strategy, delivered an engaging redesign and integrated the content with other business initiatives.

The editorial strategy focused on compelling stories of AAT members, newsworthy finance features, career support and accessible technical guidance.


The magazine was ranked as a top 3 benefit by AAT members and won Best Magazine at the 2017 MemCom Awards. It was also highly commended for Best Membership Communication at the Association Excellence Awards 2017.

It takes a village

This was a huge project and I worked with AAT dream team Flaka Jasari and Benjamin Berry and our partners at Think Publishing – Mark Rowland, Darren Endicott, Matthew Rock and Kieran Paul.

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